Woman Goes On Profane Racist Rant Against Asian Shopkeeper

An unidentified woman went on a racist rant against an Asian shopkeeper in Melbourne, Australia.

While the Asian shopkeeper filmed with his cell phone, the woman lit into him, notes the Daily Mail:

I’ll show you who the Triad is, it’s me. You’re a piece of sh*t…  You’re a f*cking nobody. You understand that? You’re a f*cking nobody. You’re a dog. Do you know what a dog is?

You’re a big dog, your own people are going to f*ck you, that’s how much of a dog you are. You know what you’re doing right now? You know what you’re doing right now? 

You’re looking into my f*cking private life, you’re listening in my own home when you’re not affiliated. Do you understand that? And then you’re filming me.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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