Volusia County, Florida Won’t Allow Homeless In Hurricane Irma Shelter

A group homeless people were recently turned away from a Hurricane Irma shelter at David C. Hinson Middle School in Volusia County, Florida.

In a video posted on Facebook by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, a homeless man tells a police officer that the homeless people signed up for the school shelter.

“Is it because we’re homeless we have to get on the bus?” a homeless man asks.

“No, you can walk there if you want,” a second officer states.

The first officer tells the homeless man that the shelter at the school is for the “general public.”

The homeless man correctly notes that the homeless are part of the “general public.”

“Because you have no place to stay that has nothing to do with how we look at you,” the first officer insists.

The homeless man reminds the police that the homeless people signed up for the school shelter.

The police insist they are offering the homeless men a “free place to stay,” but do not mention the obvious discrimination taking place.

The second officer says there was a misunderstanding on the part of the officer who signed the homeless people up for the school shelter.

The second officer then confirms the discrimination against the homeless: “We got the information, after you got dropped off, that there was a shelter for homeless.”

(Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal/Facebook)

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