US General Claims American Forces Face ‘Imminent’ Threat From Iran, But Fails To Provide Proof Or Details

The top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, claimed that American forces faced “imminent” threat from Iran, but failed to offer any proor or details.

McKenzie made his evidence-free claim to NBC News:

I think the threat is imminent. We continually evaluate our force posture in the region. I don’t actually believe the threat has diminished. believe the threat is still very real.

The U.S. has increased up its military presence in the region, which the U.S. holds no legal authority over.

McKenzie tried to stoke fear about Iran by pointing to roadside bombs in Iraq. He also made more vague statements with no evidence:

They probe for weakness all the times. I would say the threat has probably evolved in certain ways even as our defensive posture has changed and become more aggressive, and we certainly thank our Iraqi partners for many of the things they’ve done. I think we’re still in the period of what I would call tactical warning. The threat is very real.

(Source: NBC News)

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