Trump Gives Thumbs Up While Posing With Orphaned Baby In El Paso Hospital

President Donald Trump gave a thumbs-up sign while posing with an orphaned 2-month-old baby whose parents were slaughtered by a white nationalist.

Former White House adviser Joe Lockhart seemed visibly appalled on CNN:

It is really an unprecedented situation. I think we’ve become numb to the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

Conservative CNN contributor Tara Setmayer added her disgust:

This is not the first time he’s been this callous and unaware. He just isn’t capable and people that support him seem to be okay with that and make excuses.

The president is standing there with a thumbs up. They owe everyone who has ever been a victim, an apology. They disrespect the memory of these people being so flippant making campaign videos, complaining about crowd sizes.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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