School Cop Preaches To Kids At Public School In Tennessee

A school resource office, Lewis Carrick, preached a firey Christian sermon to school children at the DeKalb West Elementary School in Tennessee on Sept. 27.

The preaching was supposed to be part of a student-led “See You at the Pole” event, a nondenominational Christian prayer event held at school flagpoles across the United States.

However, Rebecca Markert, a lawyer with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, sent a letter to School District Superintendent Patrick Cripps noting that this was not a student-led event, notes the Friendly Atheist:

District staff must not plan, promote, or participate in any future “See You at the Pole” events, nor can they encourage students to put on such events.

Any religious events in the DeKalb County School District must be truly student-initiated and student-run, and therefore none should occur at any elementary school. SRO Carrick should be informed that he may not participate in any future “See You at the Pole” events or otherwise use his position to proselytize students.

Please inform us in writing of the steps the DeKalb County School District is taking to remedy this egregious constitutional violation.

(Source: Friendly Atheist)

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