Philadelphia Cop Throws Innocent Handcuffed Black Woman Down On Concrete

A city highway patrol officer was filmed (by witness Francisco Harris) arresting an innocent black woman and throwing her to the ground in Philadelphia on Feb. 5 (more video below).

The owner of a stolen van told WTXF that he found his vehicle, but it remained on the police’s stolen vehicle list despite his numerous efforts to inform law enforcement.

The owner said the Highway Patrol Divisoon approached the van believing it was stolen, and handcuffed the black woman in the vehicle apparently thinking she was involved.

Police tried to charge the black woman with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but District Attorney Larry Krasner refused to prosecute her.

The Philadelphia Police Department claims they take “all matters involving the application of force seriously” and there is an internal investigation underway.

(Sources: WTXF, Francisco Harris via YouTube)

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