Philadelphia Cop Kills Unarmed Dad, No Charges Filed

Surveillance video has surfaced of Philadelphia Police Officer. Richard Nicoletti firing three times on Jeffrey Dennis and killing him on Aug. 20, 2018.  

Nicoletti was working undercover when he killed Dennis, and will not be charged, Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Dec. 3. However, the police department is still investigating the shooting. The Narcotics Field Unit was preparing to raid Dennis’ home when police saw Dennis driving a Toyota Camry on a nearby street. Two unmarked cars blocked Dennis’ route, and five plainclothes officers jumped out of the cars while pointing their guns at Dennis. Possibly fearing for his life, Dennis triedto turn his car around. Nicoletti, wearing a gray T-shirt, approached Dennis and shot him at near-point-blank range. Philadelphia Police Department policy bans shootinginto a moving vehicle and shooting “to subdue a fleeing individual who presents no immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to themselves or another person.” (Source: The Inquirer)

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