Pastor: Ban Abortion, Gay Marriage Before Hurricane Irma Hits

Pastor Kevin Swanson warned on his “Generations” radio show that the U.S. should reverse Supreme Court rulings on abortion and gay marriage to spare itself from God’s judgement via Hurricane Irma, notes Right Wing Watch:

God is in control of what is going on, and whether or not Irma is going to do $200 billion worth of damage in Miami … is all in the hands of God. Those winds are going to blow where they are going to blow, but they’re going to blow in the direction that God ordains them to go. Friends, God is in complete control and utter control of what is going on with these hurricanes.

The wrath of God against this nation is intense. I wish that American leaders would sit up and pay attention … The Supreme Court of the United States needs to reverse Roe v. Wade and Obergefell now, this afternoon, before Irma does her damage. It would be a good thing if the Supreme Court of the United States understood that God is in control of these things and God is a personality and God is offended by the sins of this nation.

(Source: Right Wing Watch, Photo Credit: Kevin Swanson/Twitter)

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