Latinos For Trump Go Ballistic After Pence Mentions Democrats: ‘Traitors!’ ‘Murderers!’ ‘Lock Them In The Cages!’

A Latinos for Trump kickoff rally at the DoubleTree Miami Airport & Convention Center turned nasty after Vice President Mike Pence‘s mentioned Democrats in Congress.

The crowd replied with “Traitors!” “Murderers!” and “Lock them in the cages they built!” notes Mediaite.

Pence whined about Democrats correctly calling Trump’s months-long planned border emergency a pre-planned emergency. Pence also falsely claimed that Democrats were withholding funding for humanitarian assistance.

Pence also repeated the long-debunked lie that Democrats support “infanticide” because they support legal abortion, which Pence has tried to criminalize during his entire political career.

(Sources: Mediaite, Fox News)

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