Ex-GOP Lawmaker Mia Love Refuses To Call Trump’s Racist Attack On Minority Congresswomen ‘Racist’

Former Republican Rep. Mia Love of Utah refused to call President Donald Trump’s racist demand that four minority congresswomen “go back” to their other countries a “racist” attack.

Love, who lost re-election in 2018, visibly squirmed on CNN over the president’s racist words, but claimed not to know if Trump was racist (despite his numerous racist remarks dating back to the 1970s):

Racist is a very — I take that word incredibly seriously. I don’t — I’m not in the president’s head. I do not think that these comments help. I am not going to get into whether he is racist. I don’t think those comments help him. I don’t think that the comments help his narrative.

Later in the interview, Love defended her refusal to call Trump’s racist attack “racist”:

I think the words are horrible. I think that they could absolutely be seen as racist. Again, I am not — I don’t like them. I think it’s unpresidential. I’m not apologist for the president, I’ve never been an apologist for the president. I’m a person that called him out on issues and words like this. I wish they would focus on the issues Americans care about. The word frustrated is maybe not enough. Yes, I am incredibly frustrated. I wish Congress and the United States President would work on the issues that are important to Americans today.

Love failed to note the Democratic-controlled House has passed numerous bills that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to allow a vote on.

CNN contributor Bianna Golodryga, an immigrant from Russia, immediately called out Trump’s racism without hesitation.

(Source: CNN)

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