Evangelist Franklin Graham Defends Trump For Not Saying Apostles Creed At Bush Funeral

Evangelist Franklin Graham defended President Donald Trump for not saying the Apostles Creed during the funeral of former president George H.W. Bush’s funeral:

Guess what—I don’t usually sing in church. Why? Because I can’t carry a tune! And, I have no rhythm. I have to watch someone else clapping or I get off beat, so usually I just keep my hands in my pockets. Look around in church sometime—lots of people aren’t singing. Isn’t it a shame that the media and the Trump-haters couldn’t even let the funeral of a well-loved president go by without trying to find fault with President Donald J. Trump? Shame on them. Nay-sayers always pointing an accusing finger. Instead, let’s be thankful for all of the incredibly positive things he has done for our country (it’s a long list) and lift him and Melania up in our prayers.

(Source: FRanklin Graham/Facebook)

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