Cincinnati Police Use Taser On Girl, 12, Cops Allowed To Tase As Young As 7

Police in Cincinnati used a Taser on a 12-year-old girl who was allegedly shoplifting from a grocery store on Aug. 7.

According to Cincinnati Police Department policy, children as young as seven can be electrocuted by a  police Taser. 

An officer suspected the girl was shoplifting with her backpack, and approached her, notes the Associated Press.

The girl allegedly resisted and fled, so the officer fired the Taser to electrocute the girl.

The girl had to be taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and was later released to a guardian.

She has been charged with theft and obstruction of justice.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac has opened an investigation into the incident.

(Source: The Associated Press, Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia/jasonesbain)


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