Christian College Tells Female Students To Bind Their Breasts With Bandages For Dancing Competition

A Christian college in Birmingham, Alabama, Samford University, advised female students to bind their breasts during Step Sing, a singing and dancing competition on campus.

Brit Blalock, founder of the activist group SAFE Samford (Students, Alumni and Faculty for Equality), reported the breast binding policy to

Two performance groups of all women were told their breasts were moving too much, told to wrap them in Ace bandages or wear double or triple bras. University officials told them to bind their breasts. That’s sexual harassment.

Rachel Williams, 22, a senior English literature major at Samford, confirmed the report:

I heard it from the directors of my show, and I don’t think they were happy about it.

They instructed us prior to dress rehearsal that we should wear multiple bras; apparently that wasn’t enough, and we were told to use Ace bandages.

We bought out Target and Walmart and several drug stores. It was not fun. You’re singing and dancing. It’s a pretty intense six minutes of performing. It was very not fun and it was very insulting.

I guess they’re trying to be as family-friendly as possible. I guess it was not acceptable to have developed past the age of 12 and to perform onstage. They told us if we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be able to perform. We have worked really hard on this. It’s a ridiculous request.

Katie Stripling, executive director of marketing and communications for Samford University, claimed the college was protecting the “safety” of the students by forcing females to bind their breasts:

The professional lighting and high definition video used in this year’s production created issues with costumes that were addressed in order to ensure that none of our students were embarrassed or singled out by what the lights could show. More than 50,000 people will see this year’s performance in person or via the live stream. Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students.

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