California Cop Kills Mentally Ill Man For Not Dropping Stick, Police Chief Claims Cops’ Lives Were In Danger

Newly-released body cam video shows a police officer killing a mentally ill man for not dropping a stick in Red Bluff, California on April 14.

The police execution of Henry Lane began with a 911 call about a man banging on the doors of a closed business and screaming that he wanted a gun, notes KHSl..

Officers followed Lane for over ten minutes, demanding he drop a stick that he was carrying. They fired bean bag rounds that appeared to miss Lane, who tried to get away.

Officer Stephen Harper reportedly shot and killed Lane. As Lane bled to death, the officers screamed about handcuffing him.

Red Bluff Chief of Police Kyle Sanders laughingly claimed the officers felt their lives were in danger:

Ultimately, when one of the officers felt their life or the life of one of the other officers were in danger in terms of receiving a significant injury, a choice was made to utilize deadly force.

(Source: KHSl.)

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