Bus Driver Closes Doors On Biracial Kid, Says He’s Not Racist: ‘My Dog Is As Black As Can Be’

Brenda Mayes is suing former bus driver John Naisbitt for closing the bus doors on her 14-year-old biracial son’s backpack — as he was getting off the school — and dragging him approximately 150 to 175 feet In Salt Lake City, Utah in early Feb. 4.

Mayes’ civil rights lawsuit claims Naisbitt intentionally closed the doors early out of “racial animus and discriminatory conduct,” which Naisbiyy has allegedly displayed in other onciodents towards children of mized race, notes KRON.

Naisbitt told KSTU that he decided to retire after the incident,and that he was “not at all” racist: “No. Look at my dog. He’s as black as could be.”

(Sources: KRON, KSTU)

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