Cruel Kids Bully Elderly Bus Monitor Karen Klein

Karen Klein, a school bus monitor in New York state who was bullied by her students to the point of tears, appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday. Her bullying episode was caught on a video (below) that quickly went viral on Wednesday – she still appeared shaken. Klein said she did not want to see the bullying kids “go to jail” but she did say she was hurt by their taunts. Particularly one child who said Klein had no family because they killed themselves to be away from her when, in fact, Klein’s son did commit suicide.

Co-host Steve Doocy asked Klein how the bullying incident began. She said it began “a while ago” but she never wrote up a referral.

“They would mock out my hair – mock out anything you could think of. But they didn’t get vicious like they did on Monday,” said Klein.

Doocy asked how Klein was able to stay as calm as she did on the tape in the face of 10 straight minutes of insults and threats.

“I don’t like confrontations like that,” said Klein. “I didn’t want to do anything to hurt anybody. That wouldn’t have looked good either. I probably would have been fired actually if I’d have done anything violent. So I just restrained myself and tried to pretend that they weren’t doing this.”

Doocy asked Klein how she felt when the students suggested that Klein’s family all “killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near to you.” He said that could be particularly hurtful because Klein’s oldest son did take his life.

Klein said that she had not heard that particular insult at the time of the incident. “I mean, it was uncalled for,” said Klein.

“They seem like monsters to me,” said Doocy. “What should happen to these kids?”

(Source: and Fox News)

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