Bob Costas Says He Was Removed From NBC’s Super Bowl Because He Spoke Out On NFL Concussions

NBC sports commentator Bob Costas told ESPN that he was removed from NBC’s telecast of Super Bowl because he spoke out against concussions in the NFL based on scientific evidence.

Costas told a panel on Nov. 7, 2017:

The reality is this game destroys people’s brains.

NBC quickly distanced itself from Costas’ true statement s about brain injuries caused by football.

In an interview with ESPN recently, Costas conpared NBC to flat-earthers:

So I guess that NBC is not sure whether there is a connection between football and brain trauma. And I imagine the next press release is “it’s still open to whether the earth is round or flat. Okay, I’m good.”

Costas said NBC executive producer Sam Flood told him in 2017 that he had “crossed the line” and was off the Super Bowl broadcast.

Costas said that NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazuras confirmed that he was right, but could not do the Super Bowl, presumably because of anger by NFL owners who have long denied any connection between football and concussions to avoid paying disability to former players.

At the time, NBC was desperate to land the NFL’s new Thursday night games, which many players don’t like because they are still healing up from Sunday games.

(Source: ESPN)

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