Alabama Passes Law Allowing Pro-Trump Church To Form Its Own Police Force

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama signed a law on June 19 that would allow Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Vestavia, Alabama to create its own police forces and make arrests at the church and at Briarwood Christian School; Madison Academy (a private Christian school in North Alabama) will also have a police force, notes WBRC.

The Root reports that Briarwood Presbyterian Church does it not allow women to be ministers or deacons, and has history of racism, anti-gay and pro-Trump positions:

A football game against predominantly black Fairfield High School, when Briarwood Christian School students came on the field to a “Make America Great Again, Trump the Tigers” sign.

Briarwood pastor Harry Reeder advocating for the continued use of the Confederate flag and speaking at ceremonies for neo-Confederate groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans (although many will point out that his racism doesn’t count because he has black kids in his family).

Practical Encouragement for Christians in a Time of Cultural Transitions Part 2,” a sermon that aired on Briarwood’s national radio network informing listeners how to get “in the mode to persuade” friends and family that homosexuality is against the word of God.

In 2012, at its national conference, the church issued an official condemnation to Disney for “promoting homosexuality.”

In 2013, Briarwood severed its ties with the Boys Scouts of America over BSA’s decision to allow gay youths to participate in the organization.

Despite the fact that tax-exempt churches are prohibited from taking political stances, Reeder also shills for Trump and the GOP, as he did in his broadcast, Mike Pence Places a Hedge Around His Marriage.

Reeder also finds time to repudiate everything Obama, which he did April 6 in a broadcast from the church’s radio station: “Unmasking, Leaking, Lying, Obama’s Watergate?

(Sources: WBRC, The Root, Photo Credit: Briarwood Presbyterian Church/Facebook)

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