Focus On The Family Falsely Claims Obama Didn’t Support The Military Winning Wars

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, falsely claimed that President Barack Obama didn’t support victory by U.S. military because the Obama administration opposed discrimination against transgender people.

Stephanie Curry, Public Policy Manager for Family Policy Alliance, praised President Donald Trump’s new ban against transgender service men and woman while fabricating a false position of the Obama administration:

The new guidelines from the Trump administration answer the question that the former Obama administration failed to answer, and that is what is the purpose of the military? And Trump so clearly said, it is to win decisively.

As a matter of record, the Obama administration never said the military’s purpose was not to win.

Curry claimed the Trump guidelines don’t target anyone already in the military, but then contradicted herself by saying that the guidelines do oppose funding for “sex change operations” for transgender troops.

Curry also falsely claimed: “The Obama administration didn’t effectively access whether the transgender mandate would be good for the military.”

In reality, the RAND Corporation conducted a study in 2016 that was commissioned by former President Barack Obama’s administration to assess the implications of allowing transgender personnel to serve openly in the military.

That study made these recommendations to the Department of Defense (DoD):

  • DoD should ensure strong leadership and identify and communicate the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce to successfully implement a policy change and successfully integrate openly serving transgender service members into the force.
  • DoD should develop an explicit written policy on all aspects of the gender transition process to minimize any impact on service member or unit readiness.
  • DoD should provide education and training to the rest of the force on transgender personnel policy, and it should integrate this training with other diversity-related training and education.
  • DoD should develop and enforce a clear anti-harassment policy that addresses harassment aimed at transgender personnel alongside other targets of harassment.
  • DoD should make subject-matter experts and gender advisers serving within military units available to commanders seeking guidance or advice on gender transition–related issues.

(Sources: Family Policy Alliance, Rand Corporation)

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