Chicago Police Handcuff, Slam Black Man Down For License Plate Light

Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority recently released a police body cam from November 22, 2016, that shows police pulling Corey Williams out of his car at a gas station, shoving him down on the concrete and handcuffing him less than minute into the stop for allegedly not signally a left turn and having a broken license plate light.

The police searched Williams’ car and body, and falsely suggested to concerned bystanders that Williams could be a murderer.

Later, at the police station, a cop told Williams that he had a “mental health” problem, while Williams said the police were racially profiling him.

Williams told the cop he did not want to talk to him, a right that Williams is guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment, but the cop told Williams that they were going to talk about his mental health.

According to the Chicago Tribune: “Williams was charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, and he was ticketed for not having a functioning license plate light, failing to use a turn signal, failing to show a valid driver’s license and failing to show proof of insurance. The criminal charge and the traffic tickets all were dropped the following month.”

A Chicago police spokesman said the cops in the video are still on full duty, but refused to comment on the incident because of a current investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority into the 9-month-old incident.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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