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Goldman Sachs Deals With Terrorist Mommar Gaddafi

Liz Rappaport of the Wall Street Journal explained on MSNBC why the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating Goldman Sachs’ relationship with the Libyan Investment Authority, owned by Libyan President Mommar Gaddafi, who has slaughtered thousands of his own people and sponsored terrorism worldwide. Goldman Sachs allegedly agreed to pay the Libyan Investment Authority a […]

Gov. Rick Scott: People on Welfare Use Drugs

Appearing on CNN, Florida Governor Rick Scott claimed that “studies” have shown that people on welfare are higher users of drugs than people who are not on welfare. When pressed to prove this statement, Scott again referred to unnamed “studies,” but provided no actual evidence. When Scott was pressed on the potential cost of the […]

Mitt Romney Says Global Warming is Real

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told voters in New Hampshire that the pollution causing global warming needs to be reduced. Breaking with Tea Party Republicans who explicitly deny the overwhelming science, Romney said that it is “it’s important for us to reduce our emissions” that cause global warming. Romney has not, however, endorsed any policies […]

Sen. Sanders: Gas Prices Caused by Speculators

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says that the soaring gas prices are the fault of oil speculators on Wall Street. “Ten years ago oil speculators controlled about 30 percent of the oil futures market,” Sen. Sanders explained. “Today Wall Street speculators control over 80 percent of that market. Their sole function in life is to speculate […]

Sarah Palin Mangles Paul Revere’s Ride

In Boston, former Alaska Governor and possible 2012 contender Sarah Palin kept mum about her plans to run or not run for President, but she did share some fairly jumbled thoughts on the story of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, “…he who warned the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, […]

Delta Gave Free Upgrades to GOP For Tax Break

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed into law a major tax break for Delta Airlines that would enable it to purchase jet fuel at a lower rate. An investigation by Atlanta’s WSB-TV found that Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle (R) and five Republican leaders in the legislature were given free “upgrades to platinum or gold frequent […]

Mitt Romney Helped the Wealthy Avoid Taxes

Long before he entered politics, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was a partner at Bain & Company, a firm that helped wealthy people avoid paying taxes by setting up offshore accounts. While Romney didn’t do this for his own taxes, he charged other people fees to set up the tax shelters, an industry that is […]

Flashback: Bush’s Failed 7 Yr. Hunt for Bin Laden

While Republicans continue to try to credit former President George W. Bush with capturing Osama Bin Laden, over two years after he left office, history shows otherwise. Bush’s missteps included not focusing on Bin Laden prior to 9/11, undermining the search for Bin Laden by abandoning the fight in Tora Bora and shifting resources away […]

Thousands Protest Mexico’s Failed Drug War

As vicious criminal gangs battle the Mexican military and each other for the immense cash reserves produced by U.S. prohibition policies, the nation to America’s south has become increasingly concerned that fighting has begun to consume their whole society. But on Sunday, the people took a stand, amassing thousands in the streets of Mexico City […]

Sarah Palin Defends Billions in Welfare For Big Oil

Appearing on Fox News, former GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin downplayed the billions of dollars of subsidies the oil industry gets from taxpayers. Asked about the subsidies by Fox Host Bret Baier, Palin responded that we shouldn’t worry too much about them because they only cost four billion dollars. Palin falsely claimed that the […]

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Lies About Obama

Just days before President Obama was inaugurated in 2009, Fox News host Sean Hannity launched into the president-elect for supposedly “putting our national security at risk” by “flip-flop[ing]” on his pledge to go after Osama bin Laden. Accusing Obama of abandoning President Bush’s efforts in hunting down the Al Qaeda leader, Hannity exclaimed, “Mr. Obama’s […]

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder To Take Over Schools

In a recent speech, Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said he wanted to abolish the minimum number of hours children are required to be in school. He announced that he was targeting 23 school districts for takeover by state-appointed unilateral executives. “Every single one of those places has just been told that them having locally elected […]