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Fox News, Trump Push Bogus Obama-Clinton Email Conspiracy

Fox News and President Donald Trump are pushing a new conspiracy theory about former President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins claimed there was a “shocking” new story about another personal text between two former FBI lovers. Jenkins claimed that unidentified investigators told Fox News that the text “raises questions about President […]

Cleveland Indians To Remove ‘Racist’ Chief Wahoo Logo From Uniforms, Will Keep Selling Chief Wahoo Logo Merchandise

The Cleveland Indians are reportedly going to remove their Chief Wahoo logo from their jersey sleeves and caps in 2019 over accusations that the logo is “racist.” However, the Indians will still sell merchandise with the Chief Wahoo logo in Northeast Ohio in order to keep ownership of the racist trademark. The Associated Press notes there were discussions […]

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Flip Flops on Rupert Murdoch

On C-Span, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was asked about his refusal to start an investigation into News Corp.(owned by Rupert Murdoch) and its alleged hacking into the phones of 9/11 families. Issa denied even knowing Murdoch, but in February 2010, Rep. Issa said that he trusted Fox News because “I know Rupert […]

How Private Prisons Get Rich By Jailing Immigrants

The private prison lobby has had major influence in places like Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Alabama, states which have recently passed some of the strictest anti-immigrant policies. Policies, which would likely help fill those prison cells and make private prisons wealthier. Geo, along with Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA, have contracts with Immigrations […]

Rep. Michele Bachmann Fights Against Wall Street Reform

During a campaign stop in southern California yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann parroted Newt Gingrich and falsely claimed that Wall Street Reform was killing the banking industry: “And not only repealing Obamacare, also repealing Dodd-Frank, which is killing the banking industry. I’ve got the bill to repeal both of them.” In reality, bank profits rose substantially […]