California Cop Fatally Shoots Navy Veteran, Wounds 7-Eleven Employee

A police officer fatally shot a 27-year-old Navy veteran, Dillan Tabares, and wounded a 7-Eleven employee on Sept. 22 in Huntington Beach, California.

The OC Weekly notes: “[T]he bystander whose videos [of the incident] went viral says he saw the policeman get out of his patrol car and follow the youth to 7-Eleven. The man ignored police commands and turned around to punch the officer; an incident not caught on any available film.”

The bystander told OC Weekly: “I don’t think he should have unloaded on the guy because even I could tell he didn’t have a weapon. I thought it was excessive, but I can understand why he was going after the guy.”

Huntington Beach Police Department wrote on Facebook that Tabares “removed an undetermined piece of equipment from the gun belt, and the officer fired his weapon at the suspect.”

The police department never says why the officer stopped Tabares:

As the officer began to talk to the subject, a verbal confrontation began, and the subject refused to listen to any commands given by the officer. As the incident escalated and became physically violent, the officer attempted several force options including his taser, which were all ineffective.

The suspect violently attacked and assaulted the officer, and a struggle over the officer’s gun belt ensued. The officer tried to retain his weapon while the suspect continued to grab at the officer’s belt. The suspect removed an undetermined piece of equipment from the gun belt, and the officer fired his weapon at the suspect.

The suspect was struck by gunfire and was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. The suspect’s identity will be released at a later time by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

(Sources: OC Weekly, Huntington Beach Police Department/Facebook)


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